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About Sommer Gardens

Sommer Gardens Nursery

Sommer Gardens is a home grown Florida Licensed Nursery (#48001983) that specializes in hybrid brugmansia (Angel Trumpets).  Sommer Garden’s collection includes varieties collected from all over the world. An aggressive hybridizing program is currently in place with more than 4,000 unique brugmansia seedlings currently being grown out for evaluation.

Sommer Gardens is not set-up to be open for public visitation.  Plants, cuttings, and seeds are available via our online store - When inventory and time allow, plants are sold at local plant shows and markets. 


Sommer Gardens got its start back in the fall of 1976 when founder Fred Sommer started selling his home grown plants at his parent's roadside citrus packing plant and store.  In just a few short years he turned his booming plant business into a full service retail garden center with all the amenities you would expect including landscaping, lawn maintenance, interiorscaping and more.  By the late 70's Sommer Gardens expanded to include an offsite wholesale greenhouse and shadehouse operation, propagating hard to find and unusual flowering plants.

In the mid 80's back-to-back devastating freezes forever changed the landscape of Florida.  During one of the freezes temperatures were so low that the daytime high temperature never rose above the freezing mark.  Like many Florida nurseries at the time, Sommer Gardens suffered great losses and nearly all of its living plant inventory was destroyed.  

Following the two consecutive critical freezes and downturn in Florida's economy, Fred decided to close his retail garden center business and focus on landscaping and lawn maintenance.  Only a few years passed until Fred decided to sell his landscaping & lawn maintenance business and turn his passion for running, triathons and fitness into a new business. Sommer Sports.  

Now, over 30 years later, Fred's passion for gardening has grown even more as he focuses his energy on cultivating and hybridizng Brugmansia.  So when Fred's not out producing runs and triathlons, you'll find him working in his ever expanding brugmansia nursery.

Sommer Gardens retail garden center on US HWY 27, just north of Minneola, FL, in the mid 1980's.  Note the devastating effects of the record setting freezes to the adjacent citrus groves.

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