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After a nearly five year hiatus, Fred's Garden Blog is back! Now you can enjoy and experience the gardening exploits and adventures of Fred in his quest to hybridize brugmansia and keep his jungle and nursery under control.

Sommer Gardens / Saturday, February 14, 2009 / Categories: Hybridizing, Weather, Seedlings

To sow or not to sow....

That is the question I keep asking myself as I gather up the numerous seed pods that were  either damaged by the recent freeze or knocked off in the process of moving and or covering plants for protection.  I trashed the ones that I knew were immature, but the ones that were weeks away from starting to ripen were saved.  What is strange is that none of the seeds pods themselves were damaged by the freeze, but the stems and branches  holding them were.  Maybe the pods have some type of natural antifreeze in them?


I have decided to plant all of the ones that have solid seeds.  I figure I have nothing to lose but some time and potting mix.  I'm not sure if it matters, but I plan to leave the pods sit until they turn brown and soft.  I figure if they are still green the seeds may be in survival mode and are sucking the last bit of food out of the pod.

I have planted white immature seeds before with fairly good germination.  I'm hoping I'll have some luck this time too because I had some really great crosses growing before the freezes rolled in.

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