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Mutant in paradise... Mutant in paradise...

Mutant in paradise...

Last season I ramped up my brugmansia hybridizing efforts using brugmansias with mutant and deeply serrated foliage.  The results of those...

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After a nearly five year hiatus, Fred's Garden Blog is back! Now you can enjoy and experience the gardening exploits and adventures of Fred in his quest to hybridize brugmansia and keep his jungle and nursery under control.

Sommer Gardens / Saturday, December 18, 2010 / Categories: Hybridizing, Brugmansia

Brugmansia Lizzy is Podtastic!

Going into this weeks freeze I was concerned about the 100+ pods that have already set on my Angel Trumpets.  The pods are in various stages of development, from a few weeks old to 6-8 weeks old.  I have some great crosses going this year including these using Brugmansia Lizzy as the pod parent.  Here's a young Lizzy x Angel's Gold Face pod.

lizzyxanglesgoldfacepod.jpgAfter two back to back frigid winters, I am determined to keep my plants alive this winter.  This week's hard freeze brought the temperatures down to the mid-20's.  We also ended up having 6-8 hours of below freezing temps both nights.  As you can see, this Brugmansia Lizzy x Herbstzauer pod came through in great shape.

lizztxherbstzauerpod.jpgBrugmansia rarely set pods in the heat so we cannot successfully pollinate the flowers down here until October.  By May the success rate falls rapidly down to about 0%. This year I had very few seed pods because by the time my plants rebounded from the freeze and started blooming again, summer was already here. I'm working on some really great crosses this year.  I'm also making lots of crosses so I can help stock the iBrugs Seed Bank.  Here's another Brugmansia Lizzy cross whose pod may contain some winning seeds.  This time Langenbuscher Garten is the father. 

lizzyxlangenbuschergartenpod.jpgThese are just 3 of about 15 successful crosses I have made with Lizzy this fall.  This winter should be Podatstic!

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