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After a nearly five year hiatus, Fred's Garden Blog is back! Now you can enjoy and experience the gardening exploits and adventures of Fred in his quest to hybridize brugmansia and keep his jungle and nursery under control.

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California dreaming

I'm just wrapping up a week long stay in the San Diego area.  The primary reason for the trip was to attend the Triathlon America Conference, a conference geared for the business of triathlon. Seeing how I was going to be so close to California's nursery region, I had to tack on a few extra days to my trip to do some plant collecting.  I only made a few acquisitions the first day, but by late morning on the second day, I already had the back seat of my rental car full.After day two I decided ...
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Remembering the past - Sommer Gardens circa 1984

We were doing some cleaning in our office and I came across this vintage areal photograph of Sommer Gardens circa 1984.  This photo shows my retail garden center on US hwy 27 just north of Clermont.Note the results of the devastating back to back record breaking freezes in the early eighties. Those freezes killed off thousands of acres of citrus in Central Florida, forever changing the landscape of Florida.The building pictured is the old railroad depot that used to sit in downtown ...
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Mission Accomplished!

My first holiday project took about a week longer than I had anticipated to finish, but we wrapped it up just in time.  As we were affixing the last piece of poly film to the roof the nighttime temperature had already dropped down to freezing.I still have some cleaning up to do around the structure, but for the most part it is 100% completed.This new shade structure offers just under 9,000 square feet of protection for my brugmansia.  Because it was built on a slight slope, the inside height ...
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How to deal with a home invader...

It's easy, just catch them with a trap and transport them away to a new location!Recently I started noticing my cat's food was disappearing at an astonishing rate.  My cat is not a big eater so I knew something strange was going on.  Perhaps the half eaten dog biscuit I found in the kitchen sink should have been a tip-off as to who was to blame.I borrowed a small animal trap from a friend and set it up in my kitchen before going to bed.   A few hours later I awoke to a ruckus as this rather ...

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