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Mutant in paradise... Mutant in paradise...

Mutant in paradise...

Last season I ramped up my brugmansia hybridizing efforts using brugmansias with mutant and deeply serrated foliage.  The results of those...

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Sommer Gardens / Monday, August 9, 2010 / Categories: Brugmansia, Seedlings

This tiny Angel Trumpet has earned keeper status

This tiny Angel Trumpet impressed me last fall, and now it is impressing me even more this summer. The cross is between Brugmansia Naughty Nick and Cleopatra.

naughtynickxcleopatra.jpgThe blooms are petite, averaging 2-3 inches across, and are always perfectly formed.  They also hold up extremely well in the heat.  The summer blooms have stayed a creamy white.  In the cooler fall weather they aged with a light apricot color.

Here's a link to my blog post last fall when I first introduced this seedling - Teeny Weeny Angel Trumpet.

naughtynickxcleopatra-2.jpgThe plant is a vigorous grower, like it's mother Naughty Nick, and branches out freely. So far it has stayed at six feet tall.  That is a good sign because Naughty Nick has a "Jack in the Beanstalk" growth approach and can easily reach 10 feet tall in one season.

I was able to make several crosses with seedling as both a mother and father, but ended up losing them all to the freeze.  I'll be back trying again when the weather cools off.  I would love to inspire a miniature plant to match these miniature blooms.

This weekend I plan to pot up several trays of cuttings from this seedling.  If they grow well and remain true to form, watch for this one to be registered and named next year.

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