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Fred's Garden Blog

After a nearly five year hiatus, Fred's Garden Blog is back! Now you can enjoy and experience the gardening exploits and adventures of Fred in his quest to hybridize brugmansia and keep his jungle and nursery under control.

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The silence is killing me...

I know I have been fairly quiet on my garden blog the past couple of weeks.  The primary reason is that my work and travel has been keeping me real busy.  It did not help that our recent freeze brought my hybridizing program to a standstill leaving me very little positive things to report on.  While the work and travel part is not going to change much in the immediate future, I plan to be getting back on track with my hybridizing projects by the end ...
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Down with Delta Dawn

Brugmansia Delta Dawn was a vigorous grower for me and loved to show off her large over-sized yellow blooms.  During the couple of flushes she had this summer there were so many blooms that the branches were touching the ground.A couple of weeks ago I was ready to pollinate some of her flowers and I noticed what appeared to be stem blight, the scourge of brugmansia growers.Delta Dawn is now history.  I chopped her up, tossed her in the dumpster, and sanitized the garden tools used in the ...

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