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After a nearly five year hiatus, Fred's Garden Blog is back! Now you can enjoy and experience the gardening exploits and adventures of Fred in his quest to hybridize brugmansia and keep his jungle and nursery under control.

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Helping me get my cats under control!

I've been sort of quiet lately as my real job in the event business approaches its seasonal peak and becomes more demanding.  I've also encountered a shortage of photogenic blooms thanks to an out of control caterpillar population.  Fortunately I have some unsolicited help in my war against cats.  This tiny spider is making a meal out of a caterpillar twice it's size.Right now I'm battling a type of inch worm that prefers blooms over foliage.  The leaf eaters are just starting to emerge so ...
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No Love for these bugs

It's that time of year when the lovebugs make their semi-annual appearance here in Florida.  Every May and September you can count on these sex-crazed critters to annoy the heck out of you, especially if you do allot of driving. Lovebugs are harmless and are more of a nuisance than anything else. They do not sting or bite and fortunately for us, do not harm our plants.  They like to feast on sweet nectar so that is why you see a pair hanging around on this beautiful Angel Trumpet bloom on ...
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They're back!!!!!

When I was checking over my neglected front yard this weekend, I found it odd that my crinum lilies had no grasshopper damage this year.  They seem to be one of the favorite foods of the giant Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, or lubbers as they are commonly called.  Well Monday I got my Lubber fix when I spotted one resting on an Angel Trumpet leaf.Despite their giant size as an adult, they actually eat less than grasshoppers a fraction of their size.  They are monsters too, typically reaching 3 ...
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Mayflies invade my Brugmansia

The Mayflies were just out in force.  This time they started taking a liking to my Brugmansia Jungle.  I captured this solo mayfly resting on one of my Angel Trumpet blooms.Anyone who lives near a body of fresh water is certainly familiar with mayflies.  They appear by the millions several times each year.  They are attracted to light at night and only live a couple of days.  The road in front of my house was covered solid with mayflies below each street light.  Thank goodness they do not ...
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A busy bee attempts some summer hybridizing

Now that our summer heat has settled in I have completely given up on attempting to make any new Brugmansia crosses until fall.  Meanwhile this busy bee has arrived for a quick drink and perhaps an inadvertent attempt to pollinate this bloom.I'm sure the nectar from this bloom is quite refreshing on this hot summer day. It's cool the way its little legs are laden with pollen.  I have lots of great blooms open now so if the bee does manage to create a successful cross, the outcome could be ...
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An Angel Trumpet version of Beauty & the Beast

When I'm out snapping photos of my new blooms, often I do not see creatures that may be on or near them until I review the photos later.  While checking out some recent photos I shot of this Brugmansia Rubirosa x Sam seedling I spotted this tiny spider making his rounds.A spider sure beats seeing the pairs of eyes glowing in the background I often see on some of my nighttime photos.
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Angel Trumpet caught in a worm hole...

This angel trumpet bloom put a new meaning into the term worm hole.  When I hear of a worm hole I think of outer space and Star Trek. I recently noticed I have lots of another type of worm hole throughout my brugmansia jungle.  Here's a photo of bloom that had a recent encounter with one.Caterpillars are my number one pest during the summer and it looks like I'm going to have to use some chemical warfare to get them under control.  :(

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